Il Salento

Baia dei Turchi

But Villa Scinata also offers its customers the matchless beauty of the Salento sea and the extraordinary quality of the Porto Selvaggio and Ionian coastal beaches. Scuba diving at the foot of sheer cliffs that alternate with inviting fine sand dunes. In the Porto Selvaggio Nature Park you can take pleasant mountain bike rides following unforgettable culinary tours in flavor and quality.
Worth note are the small but charming tourist towns of Santa Caterina di Nardò and Santa Maria that will surprise you with their hospitality and attractions. Just two kilometers from the dimora is a sports center with a go-kart track.


Salento has a rich culinary tradition able to delight the palates of those who choose a holiday in a farmhouse like villa Scinata guesthouse. Apulian olive oil which glorifies the flavors of a simple but tasteful cuisine is the fruit of extensive olive groves which appear all over, displaying the age-old hypogeum olive mills, clear examples of pre-industrial architecture. The red wines known throughout the world, like the inevitable Primitivo and acclaimed Negramaro, Spaccabicchiere di Nardò or Malvasia Nera, produced in Lecce, stand out for taste and character. The tomato and vegetables preserved in oil, dishes like Sagne n’cannulate, pitte and acclaimed fish soup are all infamous.

Barca Gallipolisciutto

The Salento land is rich in tourist attractions, we have to mention Gallipoli which is certainly a popular tourist center in the world for its historic beauty and seaside resorts, crafts and local dishes. During the day you can choose among sea baths and suntan along the baia verde beach, spas and walking through the shops and monuments, and from the aperitif at sunset till the night you find a lot of fun with discos, pubs and entertainment. Gallipoli is a reference point for the young people of Salento and tourists coming from all over Italy and the world. About the beach we suggest also the location of Porto Cesareo famous for the best ones, for example Punta Prosciutto and we also suggest Ugento with Pescoluse and its beaches known as the Maldive of Salento.

Santa Croce

A jump into the past with the exciting rhytms of the pizzica pizzica traditional dance which has become very popular thanks to the NOTTE DELLA TARANTA festival in Melpignano, which takes place on august since 1998, when Steward Copeland chosed to direct. Gallipoli, just a few kilometers away, offers tourists a glimpse of monuments and Baroque churches silhouetted by the clear blue sky. The Sant’Agata cathedral in the heart of the old city is worth a trip as does the traditional fish market near the city castle. Further to the south, Ugento and the Angevin towers on the San Giovanni shore evoke the Turkish invasions and explain the birth of the Apulian farmhouses, once defenses and now shining examples of rural architecture with bas-relief decorations and frescoes. And let’s not forget Lecce, the most important cultural and historic center in Salento. The Santa Croce Basilica is a triumph of Lecce Baroque, an amazing construction with an imposing pillared facade adorned with premium sculptures. The ancient Roman theater, the Carlo V castle and beautiful Piazza Sant’Oronzo are all worth a visit.

Porto Selvaggio
Baia dei Turchi
Punta Prosciutto
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