Diving Offer


Single immersion. Puglia and Salento have been honored with numerous awards, such as 5 Sails and Blue Flag, for transparency and for the cleaning of the sea. But beyond the sea, deserve to be seen: wrecks, caves, dry, reports that testify to the passage of the Greeks and Romans (amphorae, stone anchors, etc.). Immersed in a world of silence, but unknown to many rich strong emotions.

Diving is a discipline practiced by many today, but not everyone knows about. It consists in scuba diving, assisted by an instructor qualified to admire and appreciate the seabed, caves and wrecks. The Diving will remain open as usual throughout the year, we will dive tours every day both day and night, offering a range of dive sites that will meet the needs of different divers, both beginners and more experienced. We will offer equipment rental for a complete equipment and suitable to different types of diving. You can enjoy drinks and snacks, especially for diving stops with the help of rods and cylinders - 5 m.

On request: you have the possibility to book the boat to organize custom events. (holidays, birthdays, weddings divers).

The service includes:

Transfers for boarding, half nautical.

Single immersion.

Tank, weights, diving equipment, shower area, area rinsing equipment, warehouse equipment at the diving.

Agency assistance.